Giant’s Causeway – UNESCO Heritage Site

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Just a 20 minute drive from the House and Cottage, is this world heritage site all it’s meant to be? Yes! Not only is it the jewel in the crown of such incredible scenery, but catch this site at the right time and it will be one of your favourite places to go back to, it is ours. In short, it’s an outcrop of strange interlocking stones that look out of place yet part of the history of the coastline… Read More »Giant’s Causeway – UNESCO Heritage Site


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The best coastal town in Ireland? We think so. It’s been voted the best place to live in Northern Ireland for over two years, and we can see why. The sense of community is warming and welcoming. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll along the coast line; a round of golf by the sea’s edge; watersports; great food from one of the many restaurants; or just to relax on the beach whilst the kids splash around in the sea,… Read More »Ballycastle

Our story

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Since childhood we’ve been able to enjoy incredible days on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. From caravan and hotel stays to random day trips with our respective families. In 2014 we started looking for holiday homes near Ballycastle and this one was on the market. We both fell head over heels in love with the house which had been successfully run as a holiday let for over 10 years, but the owner had fallen out of love with changing… Read More »Our story