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How to travel from mainland UK, England, Scotland, Wales to Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland is a beautiful place to visit, and many people travel there every year. If you’re wondering how to travel from the UK mainlaned to Northern Ireland, we have the answer! There are two ways to travel from the UK mainland to Northern Ireland – by plane or ferry. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of each method of travel and help you decide which is best for you. So what are you waiting… Read More »How to travel from mainland UK, England, Scotland, Wales to Northern Ireland

Things to do in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland: Activities for Families

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Ballycastle is a small town located in the north of Ireland. It is best known for its beautiful scenery and traditional Irish heritage. There are many things for families to do in Ballycastle and in the surrounding area, regardless of your age or interests. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to do during your visit, read on! One of the best things about Ballycastle is that there is something for everyone. If you’re a nature lover, you can… Read More »Things to do in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland: Activities for Families

A year of staycation in Ballycastle

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This year marks what we’re calling ‘The birth of staycations in Ballycastle’. The whole of Northern Ireland, indeed GB and the Republic of Ireland saw the change in travel habits in response to Covid 19. But what does it mean to the future of holidays and what people want from accomodation on the North Coast? We saw families getting together and appreciating the fact that they could finally enjoy each other’s company. People who would never usually stay on the… Read More »A year of staycation in Ballycastle

Forestside House Airbnb-Logo-768x279-1 The Problem with Air BnB for tourists in Ballycastle Accomodation Ireland Ballycastle The North Coast Northern Ireland  NITB Bookdirect Ballycastle AirBnB #ballycastle #causewaycoastalroute #causewaycoast #bookdirect #stunning #staycation #holiday #forestsidehouse #northernireland #ireland #nitb #property #northcoast

The Problem with Air BnB for tourists in Ballycastle

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Air BnB has taken over Ballycastle, and indeed the whole tourism industry, and it’s causing problems.   Whilst it makes discovering properties quick and easy, what Air BnB don’t tell you is the problems that they cause, and we’ve seen this happen through Ballycastle.   Initially when we listed with Air BnB the process was simple. Guests would only pay a small extra charge, and their refund policy was watertight and helped both us and the accomodation guests.  It worked. The Problems Then came the problems. After they listed on the stock… Read More »The Problem with Air BnB for tourists in Ballycastle

Forestside House ballycastle-beach-ireland-forestside-house-accomodation-930x620 Ballycastle Beach Ballycastle Forestside House and Cottage The North Coast Northern Ireland  waves fun-times fun family beach

Ballycastle Beach

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Ballycastle Beach – one of Irelands best? On the island of Ireland there are many great beaches. Down the west coast you have incredible surf spots and hidden gems. Along the North Coast, Portrush boasts sweeping long sandy beaches, and Cushendun offers fantastic caves to explore. But what we love about Ballycastle Beach is that it has everything. Take yourself a walk away from town to the rocky out-crops. Nip to the promenade for a bite to eat and perusre… Read More »Ballycastle Beach

The best self-catering accomodation in Ballycastle?

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We think so ? We’re also biased. Ever since we pulled up to the house for the very first time we’ve seen and developed the potential to accommodate large groups on the North Coast. It’s more spacious than anything we’ve ever owned and we think it’s perfect. Thankfully we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy our own family holidays here and we’ve loved every one of them. There’s just something great about getting away from it all with your loved ones.… Read More »The best self-catering accomodation in Ballycastle?

Our accomodation response to covid

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No one saw what a devastating effect that Covid-19 would do to the worldwide tourism industry. Along with others in our area we followed government advice and closed our doors. Coastline attractions shut. Cafes and pubs ceased trading. The main attractions closed for business. Tourists from afar simply couldn’t make it – nor did they want to. Thankfully, Northern Ireland appeared to lockdown at the same time as the rest of the United Kingdom, and Ballycastle was no exception to… Read More »Our accomodation response to covid

The North Coast

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Not just stunning scenery, this is the place to unwind and rejuvenate. It’s where memories are made. White park bay; Ballycastle town; the ropebridge; Bushmills; Ballintoy harbour; the list goes on. The coast is brimming with things to do, dishes to try, and picturesque scenery. Whether you live in a city and want to get away, or just enjoy the outdoors, it’s a must do experience that will have you back time and time again. Picnic on White Park beach,… Read More »The North Coast

Why stay with us?

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We’re more than just accomodation. Thankfully located in one of the most visited and beautiful areas of Northern Ireland, you’d be hard pressed to run out of things to do or see. Whether it’s Gran and Grandad and the rest of the family in the house for a birthday celebration, or just a couple’s getaway in the Cottage, you’ll have a comfortable, spacious, and enjoyable stay. You might be here on a Game of Thrones sightseeing trip, or maybe to… Read More »Why stay with us?

Forestside House giants-causeway-930x620 Giant's Causeway - UNESCO Heritage Site Ballycastle Forestside House and Cottage Uncategorised  tourism staycation NITB giant's causeway causeway coast

Giant’s Causeway – UNESCO Heritage Site

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Just a 20 minute drive from the House and Cottage, is this world heritage site all it’s meant to be? Yes! Not only is it the jewel in the crown of such incredible scenery, but catch this site at the right time and it will be one of your favourite places to go back to, it is ours. In short, it’s an outcrop of strange interlocking stones that look out of place yet part of the history of the coastline… Read More »Giant’s Causeway – UNESCO Heritage Site