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Our accomodation response to covid

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No one saw what a devastating effect that Covid-19 would do to the worldwide tourism industry.

Along with others in our area we followed government advice and closed our doors.

Coastline attractions shut. Cafes and pubs ceased trading. The main attractions closed for business.

Tourists from afar simply couldn’t make it – nor did they want to.

Thankfully, Northern Ireland appeared to lockdown at the same time as the rest of the United Kingdom, and Ballycastle was no exception to this.

We took a hard look at our cleaning policies and sought advice from government experts. Whilst we already ensured a thorough clean with specialised products, we’re now more aware of how to protect our staff and also our guests as a main priority.

The North Coast and Ballycastle are still great places. Accomodation can reopen on 26th of June and many businesses have already opened with strict distancing measures in place.

You can still eat your favourite foods, drink your favourite drinks and enjoy an ice cream on the beach. More importantly, at a time when we haven’t seen our families much and we want to reconnect, you’ll soon be able to, under one roof, and make your own fun whilst staying in our spacious group accomodation.

We hope that you’ve all been safe during this testing period and we can’t wait to start hosting guests again.

The team,

Forestside House

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